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D Magazine Publishes Article by Rogge Dunn Covering FINRA Regulations That Stress Firm Transparency


Gregory M. Clift Selected For Inclusion in 26th Edition of 2020 The Best Lawyers® in America


Rogge Dunn Selected For Inclusion in 26th Edition of The Best Lawyers® in America


Rogge Dunn Group – Seasoned Trial Attorneys

Formed by experienced trial lawyers, Rogge Dunn Group, PC  is a business dispute, employment law and trial boutique. The founding partners have tried cases in 7 states and 13 Texas cities. We assembled a team of lawyers with big firm talent without the bureaucratic constraints, high fees and conflicts of interests.  We have contingent fee flexibility and the creativity to think and operate outside the box.

Rogge Dunn Group Receiving the Finalist Award for 2018 Elite Trial Lawyers from the National Law Journal

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Why Partner with Us?

Lawsuits are generally time intensive and emotionally draining. Some successful lawyers coast on their reputations and don’t put in long hours and work weekends. There is no substitute for attention to detail and hard work.

Our energy and enthusiasm produces results. When litigation looms, you need not merely a smart “book lawyer” with a good reputation, but an attorney who also has the energy and enthusiasm for an intense fight.

Interview attorneys before you hire them. Judge their heart and character. When you are looking across boxes of half-eaten deli sandwiches, chips and cookies in a conference room at two in the morning, will they have the same energy and enthusiasm they did when they took your first retainer check? If you find such an attorney, hire them, whether it’s us or someone else.

The power we bring as seasoned trial lawyers increases your settlement leverage. When the other side knows they are negotiating against trial attorneys who have won numerous multi-million dollar lawsuits, for both plaintiffs and defendants, you maximize your settlement leverage. We love what we do and are proud that dozens of clients have partnered with us time and again for 20+ years.

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Responsiveness  24/7/365

It’s surprising how many lawyers don’t give out their cell phone numbers, take calls on weekends or respond while on vacation.  It has always amazed Rogge Dunn that plumbers and HVAC repairmen are available 24/7, yet lawyers are not.  A stopped up sink is a hassle, but responding promptly to a client facing a legal crisis or dispute involving millions of dollars is usually significantly more critical than home repairs.

Responding quickly to our clients’ inquiries is why all of our lawyers have their cell phone numbers on their emails and business cards.  It is also why we have a designated paralegal watch attorneys’ emails.  While a call or two may occasionally fall through the cracks, we strive to be responsive 24/7/365.

And yes, it’s true, one of our partners who was climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania with his son, checked his voice mails and took client calls on the mountain with a satellite phone.

The Importance of Listening

We work collaboratively with teams of other lawyers on big cases and executives who band together. We listen to clients and industry experts and, working together, develop a game plan. We do not tell clients what they have to do; we listen and learn your goals. Then, we roll up our sleeves and work with you, shoulder to shoulder.

Building Long-Term Relationships

Too many law firms stir up trouble or foment litigation without first making an aggressive effort to resolve a dispute or lawsuit early on. We take a long term view of client relationships. Many clients hire us again and again and refer their family, friends and business colleagues because we resolved their matter promptly for a minimum of attorney’s fees. We want to be your lawyers for life.

Cases Covered by the Media

News organizations seek Dunn’s opinion on legal issues, and report on our Firm’s cases including: the CBS Evening News, The Wall Street JournalThe New York Times, BBC Radio, Anderson Cooper 360, U.S. News & World Report, the Today Show, CNN, CBS This Morning, USA Today, MSNBC and The National Law Journal. Click Here.


While our high-profile cases have garnered national and international attention, we have discretely resolved many more cases not listed on our website. We know most clients need a quick, quiet and confidential resolution. We help individuals and corporations in delicate or compromising situations who need a sophisticated and discreet touch.

These include everything from assaults, whistleblowing, regulatory violations, sexual battery, doxxing, secret videotaping, and illegitimate children. Clients who need experienced and politically connected problem solvers hire us.  We are experts at controlling the external optics to protect our clients’ reputations.

Paper Pushers Can Take You Only So Far

Choose your attorney carefully.  Many attorneys are adept at pushing paper, but seldom take cases all the way to a jury verdict or arbitration award.  Ask the lawyer specifically how many times he or she has obtained a jury verdict. Our attorneys have tried cases in 13 Texas cities and 7 states. Hiring experienced trial lawyers who flourish at trial increases your settlement leverage.

If the other side knows your lawyer is bluffing, you will leave money on the table or overpay, if you are a defendant.  When the other side knows they are negotiating against a seasoned trial attorney, you maximize your settlement position.  Or, as the Spanish proverb recognized long ago:  “It is one thing to talk of bulls; it is quite another to get into the ring with them.”

Personalized Attention and Contingent Fee Flexibility

Many of our attorneys earned their spurs as Senior Partners in mega-firms with offices around the world.  While huge firms are a good choice for many matters, they often lack the contingent fee flexibility, entrepreneurial spirit and nimble moves necessary for a quick and costeffective win.

Big firms may view you as merely a one-time, low priority client compared to corporate clients who constitute the bulk of their business. Our Firm gives you personalized attention. We treat each client like we want to be treated.

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