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Rogge Dunn Group is a top sports and entertainment law firm. Our attorneys represent ultra-high net worth individuals and sports and entertainment celebrities, including coaches, professional athletes, Olympic gold medal winners, athletic department employees and University Presidents.

One of the highest testaments to Dunn’s abilities is the fact that Senior Partners in some of the largest law firms hire Dunn to represent them.


“Thank you for your legal work on my behalf. I appreciate your prompt assistance and efficiency.”

—Larry Brown
Basketball Hall of Fame Coach (New York)

“Rogge did an excellent job of representing me and assisting Tech in winning the Coach Mike Leach lawsuit.”

—Guy Bailey
Former President, Texas Tech University (Lubbock)

“When I needed a top notch attorney for advice on my employment contract, I chose Rogge. He was knowledgeable and very responsive. He protected my economic interests and professional reputation. Rogge knows how to play hardball.”

“Big league managers to Fortune 500 CEOs choose Rogge for help in employment and business disputes. Given his knowledge, experience, and reputation, Rogge is someone I have on my team.”

—Buck Showalter
Former Manager, Baltimore Orioles (Baltimore)

“Over the last 15 years I’ve worked with Rogge on several significant legal matters. I trust Rogge. Rogge provides me with proactive and innovative strategies to help the companies and organizations I lead avoid legal troubles.”

“Rogge has been involved in major legal battles in the sports industry from the Coach Mike Leach lawsuit, to NCAA investigations to the Baylor University Title IX issues.”

—Woody Norris
Former Senior Associate Athletic Director, SMU (Dallas)

“From his representation of Baylor’s Title IX Coordinator, to helping professional athletes and college administrators,  Rogge has been involved in numerous legal matters impacting major issues in athletics. Rogge is my trusted legal advisor.”

-Tom Buning
Former Assoc. Athletic Director for Facilities, SMU (Dallas)

“Rogge handles high-profile matters and understands the unique legal issues media personalities face.  I trust Rogge. Rogge is not only my lawyer, but my friend.”

-Al Mack aka “Big Al”
Co-host, The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show (Dallas)

“Rogge, thank you for your advice and counsel on an important legal issue.”

-Ryan Moats
Former NFL running back, 77th pick in the draft (Frisco)

“Rogge thank you for being available 24-7.  Your spot on legal advice enabled me to strike out the other side. You came highly recommended from several industry sources and you lived up to your reputation.  Your track record with sports industry issues makes you an MVP.  When I face legal issues I want you on my team.”

-Chris Holt
Former MLB pitcher for Central Div. Champion Houston Astros (Coppell)

“Rogge’s reputation in the sports industry space is well-known.  He is a people person.  He knows how to deftly work behind the scenes without publicity to help his clients; but, if necessary, how to take a high-profile case to trial.”

-Kris Lowe
Former Assoc.  Athletic Director for Business & Finance, SMU (Dallas)

Expertise backed by experience in the following areas:

  • Assault, Rape and Battery

    Assault, Rape and Battery

    While many of our high-profile cases have garnered national and international attention, we have discretely resolved many more cases not listed on our website. We know that most clients need a quick, quiet and confidential resolution. Our discretion is one of the reasons we’re often sought out when sports and entertainment law firms are needed.

    The Rogge Dunn Group helps individuals and corporations in delicate or compromising situations who need a sophisticated and discrete touch.  These include everything from assaults, regulatory violations, sexual battery, secret videotaping, and illegitimate children.

    Clients who need an experienced and politically connected problem solver hire us.  We are experts at controlling the external optics to protect our clients’ reputations.

    Our Firm has extensive experience with these types of cases on both sides of the issue in terms of representing the person who allegedly committed a sexual assault or the victim of same.  We work with some of the top criminal defense attorneys, many of whom are respected former prosecutors who relate well with the DA’s and U.S. Attorney’s office.

    We have already vetted and formed a response team of criminal lawyers, family lawyers, PR professionals and civil lawyers who are on standby and ready to act.

    We have obtained and fought off peace bonds, family violence TROs, restraining orders in the family courts, and TROs in the civil courts.

    If you are ever accused of sexual assault, battery or having an illegitimate child, we will be ready to help.  These situations move incredibly fast and you need not just a lawyer who has not only handled these types of cases, but a response team of lawyers and PR professionals ready to spring into action and immediately take control of the narrative.  We have learned that at all times you must be ready to be proactive and quickly control the narrative before a PR disaster develops.

  • Protection of Reputation

    Protection of Reputation

    In this instant messaging and social media environment, stories go viral in a matter of seconds.  Working with top PR firms, we ensure the facts involving legal claims are portrayed accurately.  One cannot underestimate the importance of controlling the narrative.  As Henry Kissinger advised, “reality is not as important as the perception of reality.”

  • Breach of Contract

    Breach of Contract

    Individuals in the sports and entertainment world have special considerations in their business dealings.  They need to protect their reputation, ensure their likeness is not misappropriated and often have to deal with good conduct or “morals” clauses.  We help these individuals with contract and severance negotiations, licensing issues, appearances and litigate breach of contract issues in this arena.

  • Title IX

    Title IX

    We have been involved in a number of matters concerning Title IX, including advising and/or representing Title IX coordinators, college administrators, coaches, and athletes.  We have also represented athletic department employees and college administrators during NCAA interviews and investigations.

    Dunn has written and spoken on Title IX.  He was one of the two keynote speakers at the Houston Bar Association Sports Law Seminar in 2017.

    Results and representative cases the Firm is handling include:

    • Ongoing representation of Title IX Investigator at Baylor University in Waco


    • Successful representation of Title IX Coordinator Patty Crawford regarding her claims against Baylor University. View article


    • Favorable settlement for wrongfully fired Assistant Athletic Director at a P-5 school


    • Favorable  settlement for wrongfully fired college football coach at a P-5 school
  • NCAA Investigations

    NCAA Investigations

    When the NCAA comes knocking, you need to be ready.  Do you have to produce documents?  Are you required to sit for an interview with NCAA investigators and lawyers?  Are you entitled to have a lawyer by your side during questioning, etc?  A key consideration for high profile individuals is how to manage your reputational risk in this situation.

    We assist coaches, athletic department administrators, Title IX coordinators, school officials and athletes navigate these and other similar high risk situations.

Representation of High-Profile Individuals

Rogge Dunn Group represents ultra-high net worth individuals and handles all areas of sports and entertainment litigation.

See below for a list of clients we have successfully represented in the sports and entertainment arena.

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Our Sports and Entertainment Clients

Former Baltimore Orioles Manager Buck Showalter

Hall of Fame Basketball Coach Larry Brown

Olympic Gold Medalist Ryan Berube

Former NFL Running Back Ryan Moats

Kidd Kraddick Morning Show Co-Host Al Mack

Former MLB Pitcher Chris Holt

Tom Buning
Former Assoc. Athletic Director for Facilities, SMU

Woody Norris
Former Senior Associate Athletic Director, SMU

Kris Lowe
Former Assoc. Athletic Director for Business & Finance, SMU


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