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Rogge Dunn Group has handled major insurance coverage disputes involving a variety of commercial and personal lines clause for more than 25 years. Also, the Firm’s insurance subrogation attorney has handled cases involving a broker’s failure to procure requested insurance coverage.

Just a few of the notable results we have obtained for our clients include the successful defense of an insurance carrier in a $100 million commercial mold claim, successful prosecution of claim for Plaintiff insurance company where the client netted $7.1 million regarding a flood zone determination in Missouri, and the successful defense of an insurance carrier concerning equipment breakdown coverage for multi-million dollar MRI equipment.

Our knowledge of and experience in the insurance industry and the courtroom enable us to assess not only the aspects of coverage, but how such disputes play out in the courtroom in front of a jury.

Why choose Rogge Dunn Group as your insurance subrogation attorney for complex insurance matters?

  • Networked
  • Experienced
  • Ready for Trial
  • Cost-Conscious

Subrogation Experience

Prior to forming Rogge Dunn Group, Mr. Dunn gained substantial subrogation experience at two of the largest subrogation law firms in the country. He was a Partner at Zelle & Larson and opened the Dallas office of Cozen & O’Connor, where he was a Senior Partner.

Mr. Dunn served as lead attorney for the subrogating carriers in the New Orleans Fair Grounds racetrack fire disaster and obtained a $58 million verdict (client’s net $34 million).

Expertise backed by experience in the following areas:

When a Catastrophe Occurs, Who Are Your Subrogation Attorneys?
  • Large Loss Subrogation

    Large Loss Subrogation

    Subrogation Philosophy: Thorough, Cost-Effective Investigations

    Insurance carriers trust the Firm to handle significant subrogation matters. We provide thorough, cost-effective evaluations of subrogation claims. Our attorneys have extensive experience investigating all types of major losses, including fires, turbine losses, structural collapses, refinery losses, equipment and product failures, explosions, chemical spills, rack collapses, mold claims and water damages. Regardless of the size, we leave no stone unturned when investigating a loss. From Brazil to Canada, our experience and relentless investigative techniques have saved our clients money.

    A rapid response to a loss can be the difference between a successful subrogation recovery and no recovery. Accordingly, our attorneys are available 24/7.

  • Ready For Trial

    Ready For Trial

    Our attorneys have represented insurers in some of the most notable losses in the country. For example, Rogge Dunn tried the New Orleans Fair Grounds racetrack fire. After a four week trial, he won a $58 million jury verdict in favor of his clients.

    Some subrogation firms may be hesitant to try cases. We have found that the best way to maximize settlement offers is to have a reputation for being willing to go to trial.

  • Lower Expenses

    Lower Expenses

    The purpose of subrogation is to recover money–not spend it. The big subro firms have far-flung offices and hundreds of lawyers to support. Our efficient operations and sensible overhead allow us to pass these savings on to our clients. Our attorneys plan ahead to reduce the use of overnight mailings and couriers, which are significant expenses in multi-million dollar cases.

    Compare our travel expenses to other firms. You won’t see first class airline tickets, outrageous hotel bills or fancy dinners. We never forget whose money we are spending

  • Representation In Large Losses

    Representation In Large Losses

    Insurance carriers trust the Firm to handle significant subrogation matters. Carriers have retained the Firm to pursue subrogation losses occurring from Brazil to Canada. Our attorneys’ experience in handling subrogation claims and other types of major insurance disputes enables us to produce cost-effective results. From chemical spills and refinery explosions to mold losses and warehouse fires, we are ready to respond immediately to our clients’ needs.

Our Attorneys Have Experience with the Following Types of Insurance Cases

  • Fires
  • Explosions
  • Refinery Failures
  • Roof Collapses
  • Rack Collapses
  • Power Surges
  • Coffee Maker Fires
  • Process Upsets
  • Electrical Outlets
  • Distillation Towers
  • Power Interruptions
  • Oilfield Accidents
  • Chemical Spills
  • Product Failures

  • Turbine Losses
  • Oxygen Compressors
  • Motor Vehicle Fires
  • Natural Gas Compressors
  • Heat Tape Fires
  • HVAC Failures
  • Boiler Failures/ Explosions
  • Highrise Fires
  • Fire Spread Cases
  • Maritime Accidents
  • Transportation Losses
  • Chicken Plants
  • Underground Storage
  • Governmental Liability

  • Well Blowouts
  • Ballast Cases
  • Natural Gas Leaks
  • Natural Disasters
  • Lightning Damage Cases
  • Wind Damage Cases
  • Water Damage Cases
  • Pipe Sweating Fires
  • Security Inadequacies
  • Valve Failures
  • Gas Explosions
  • Mold Claims
  • “CAT” Losses

Insurance Results

When a turbine failed in Oklahoma, Dunn was hired to represent the B&M carrier and a regional utility. Among thousands of documents produced, he was able to prove that the manufacturer altered a metallurgical report. He obtained a confidential settlement–despite the standard disclaimer clause used by the turbine manufacturing industry

Eight property carriers hired the Firm to pursue subrogation arising out of multiple turbine failures in Brazil. The loss exceeded $60 million

HAZMAT experts worked for months to discover the cause of a chemical fire in the HDI warehouse in Houston, TX. The fire caused more than $100 million in damages and resulted in a subrogation lawsuit and two class actions with over 3,500 plaintiffs. Our firm represented 19 carriers and insured and obtained confidential settlements

Rogge Dunn at the National Guard Air Field in Metairie, Louisiana, investigating a multi-million dollar water and wind damage loss caused by Hurricane Georges

A fire destroyed the 1.2 million square foot MacFrugal’s warehouse in New Orleans. It resulted in a loss of over $100 million. It is the largest arson fire in Louisiana history. Rogge Dunn was hired to pursue subrogation. After five years of litigation and more than 100 depositions, he obtained confidential settlements

After more than a hundred depositions and thousands of hours of work, the attorneys in our Firm defeated the alarm industry’s standard disclaimer clause used by ADT and won a $58 million subrogation verdict for our clients

Successful defense of nationwide insurance carrier in a mass action asbestos lawsuit filed against more than 195 companies and insurance carriers

Won take nothing dismissal for insurance carrier sued for $2.5+ million on equipment breakdown insurance policy

Successful defense of nationwide insurance carrier in 85 asbestos lawsuits filed by 2,500+ plaintiffs (Ohio)

Disclaimer: Results obtained depend on the facts of each case. Past achievements are no guarantee of future results.


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